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Field Trial Risk Assessment

Field trial risk assessment is essential to ensure the health and safety of all participants, including dogs, people, guns, beaters, judges, stewards, gallery, competitors, handlers, ground, obstacles and actions. All risks must be identified and managed to prevent harm and injury. Appropriate protocols and safety guidelines must be in place and followed to ensure the safety of all involved. All personnel must be aware of the risks and take appropriate measures to prevent them.

WGDS Field Trial Risk Assesment 

​WGDS RISK ASSESSMENT – to apply to all events and all those attending.

    Personal injury resulting from the intended or accidental discharge of a shotgun, driven or           falling shot, falling game, noise or blast.
    Slips and falls on ground that may be wet, uneven, sloping or marshy.
    Hazards associated with the crossing of water courses, hedges, fences, other natural and           manmade obstacles. Whether shooting, beating, picking up, competing or members of the
     public present.
    Injury resulting from direct contact with barbed wire, thorn hedges, low branches or other
     naturally occurring material or constructed features of the landscape and from livestock that
     may be alarmed or disturbed.
    Hazards associated with the use of vehicles on private land or public highways.
    Hazards associated with being in the vicinity of machinery on private land or public highway.       This is to include crop spraying activities and chemicals that may be associated with this
    All game to be handed over to the estate at the completion of shooting of each day for
     correct handling/storage.

At risk are:-
    Persons using shotguns (referred to Guns) and their companions.
    Persons employed or volunteering to drive/hold game for the Guns.
    Those placed in charge of the line (Steward of the Beat).
    Hosts, persons employed or volunteers or competitors that collect and retrieve shot game
     with dogs.
    Those Officials, Judges and Volunteers that are present to run the Field Trial.
    Drivers of vehicles.
    On-lookers and members of the public and press.

   THE CHIEF STEWARD will brief all present before moving off, a copy of this Risk Assessment
     will be displayed within the designated Registration Area.
    GUNS must be competent at handling shotguns in a safe manner and must be in possession       of a valid shotgun certificate and have Public Liability Insurance. The ‘Shoot Captain’ will be
     responsible for ensuring that all Guns comply with the above requirements. 
    Guns must keep their weapons in a covered slip until arrival at their allocated position in the

     field trial line. Shots must not be fired prior to or after the signal is given to start/stop

     shooting and when walking the ground guns to be broken, they should never be closed and

     slung over shoulders.
    A shot should only be taken when it is safe to do so. Guns must be aware at all times of the

     proximity of those closest to them, other Guns, Beaters, Stops, Pickers Up, Officials, Judges,

     Competitors, Press and Members of the Public and also aware of the location of public

     footpaths, bridleways, highways and livestock in the vicinity.
    The Judges or Chief Steward may request the stopping of shooting should there be sufficient

     game on the ground or the shooting of game whilst dogs are working
    Shotguns and ammunition must not be left unattended under any circumstances.
RED FLAG/S are there for your safety. Members of the public and competitors that are not

     required in line must stay with the ‘Gallery’ within the RED FLAG/S, which must be held aloft

     at all times and obey the instructions of the Officials or Members of the Estate Staff.
VEHICLES provided to transport Guns, Competitors and Officials must be suitable for the

     purpose and terrain that is to be encountered. Adequate seating must be provided, no dogs

     will be allowed in the driving compartment of the vehicles. The driver of each vehicle must

     be acquainted with the route and terrain over which they are to travel and be aware of the

     other vehicles in the party.
ALL ATTENDEES must respect the property on which they are invited guests, be aware of
      the local terrain and likely hazards and conduct themselves in a friendly and environmental

      way. Everybody involved must keep away from agricultural machinery, although it will not

      normally be working in the areas where the shoot is taking place.
     All attendees must be alert and aware giving their undivided attention to the progress of the
      event  All persons involved should wear suitable non-restrictive clothing, adequate to
      provide protection from the elements and stout water resistant footwear. It is the
      responsibility of all persons attending that they equip themselves adequately and
      appropriately with ear protectors.
     If the Code of Practice is observed, the risk to human health and safety posed by possible
      hazards that may be encountered during this authorised activity are deemed to be low.
     In the event of an emergency the event will be stopped immediately and all weapons must

      be unloaded and placed back in the covered slip.
Should this occurrence be caused by the involvement of persons that are opposed to the
      activity the Steward of the Beat in consultation with the Chief Steward and Judges must 
      arrange to vacate the ground without the need for confrontation.

      Footnote: be aware of dog hazards, barbed wire, open roads, walls with high drops, rat bait,
                       adder snakes, snares, frozen lakes, blue algae water and obstacles in water.

Revised 21/10/2021 SjD

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