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Spaniel Working Test Result Archives

The WGDS Retriever Working Test Results Archive is the ultimate source for spaniel working test results. Here, you can easily search and find all the previous spaniel working tests carried out by the WGDS. This archive includes the test results of each dog and handler, allowing you to compare and analyse your own results against the competition. With this archive, you can easily track the performance of your gun dog over time and assess its progress.

2017 Season

03.18.2017 copy.jpg

2018 Season


2022 Season

03.20.2022 .jpg

2023 Season

04.15.2023 .jpg
Awards Open 1 copy.jpg
Awards Novice 1 copy.jpg

Joy Bateman Fun Test 2023

WGDS Joy Bateman WT Training Day Oct 23 copy.jpg
WGDS Joy Bateman WT Training Day Oct 23 B copy.jpg

A Few pictures of our day at Tythe Barn which was enjoyed by all, and again many, many, thanks to all the judges and helpers also those who behind the scenes put it together without you it would not have happen.

The Winners of the Day Joy Bateman Trophy were:-

Team F

Captain: Sally Davidson-Long

Ken Bulstridge

Donna Harris

Carla Gibson


Joint 2nd were teams H and I

Team H

Captain: Karen Carter

Phil Smale

Rchard Pocknell

Tom Davidson

Team I

Captain: Miranda Powell

Sue Armer

Keith Roberts

Lyn Dunbar

Well Done to you all

2024 Season

Coughton Results copy.jpg
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