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HPR Field Trials

HPR Field Trials Schedule 2024/5

Novice Entry Form
Open Entry Form
All Aged Entry Form

The Field Trial Year ends on 1st February and begins on 2nd February in each year

​Details of Field Trials being run by WGDS will appear on this page as soon as dates for any stakes  are confirmed by the HPR FT Secretary

Definitions of Field Trial Stakes

  1. Open
    A Stake in which dogs have the opportunity of gaining a qualification towards the title of Field Trial Champion (K Regulations refer) and towards entry in the Championship or Champion Stake for its breed; in which entry is open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds except that such Stakes may not be confined to Any Variety Spaniel [except Spaniel (Cocker) and (English Springer)]. It may be limited to a prescribed number of runners (J4 refers), in which case these shall be decided by a draw conducted in accordance with Regulation J7.i., so that preference is given to previous performance.

  2. All Aged
    A Stake which is open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds without restriction as to their age, but which may be restricted by any other conditions which may be determined by the society subject to the approval of the General Committee of the Kennel Club.

  3. Novice
    Retrievers, Spaniels and Breeds which Hunt, Point and Retrieve: A Stake which is confined to dogs which have not gained a place which would qualify them for first preference in the draw for Open Stakes.

  4. Puppy
    A Stake which is confined to dogs under the age of two years at the scheduled date of the Stake.

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